New smart goals

My French smart goals were to have a conversion in French by the end of the year. Learning 3 french verbs, être, avoir, faire. I learned to do all of that and I am very proud of myself. I achieved it by studying and paying attention. When I looked at all of my work again I was so proud of myself and I hope and can continue this in grade 6.



Soon we are starting a new subject geometry, if i am being honest i have no idea what geometry is… so i searched it up and it said Geometry is a kind of mathematics that deals with shapes and figures.

ארבעה בנים

חורפ בקנדה (1)Hello, you probably know the story of the four sons but today I am going to refresh your mind, the four sons names are רשעו ,תם ,שאינו יודע לשאול ,חכם. All of the four sons are in deferent stages in their life, for instance רשע is a teenager, hist name represents how he said “what does this ritual mean to you”. רשע means the wicked one. By saying you he is excluding himself from the sentence from his people and denies god. תם means the simple one he asks “What is all of this”. The simple one asks a lot of question he is still learning a lot of stuff. When he asks you should say “It was with a mighty hand that the lord took us out of Egypt. out of the house of bondage. ח  כם or the wise one asks “What is the meaning of the laws and traditions God has commanded?” You should teach him all the traditions of Passover, even to the last detail. שאינו יודע לשאול means the one who can not ask. You should open the discussion for him, as it is written, “and you shall explain to your child on that day, “It is because of what the lord did for me when I came out of Egypt. I think I would be the simple one I ask a lot of questions. This is my drawing of the four kids.

Innovation day reflection


Today we finished our innovation project!!! We were doing a water wheel. In my group we tried to make the water wheel power a motion sensor, when the water wheel moved the light AKA the motion sensor. Well that did not work so in the end we just made a water wheel.



That is my group’s poster board and in front of it is our project. We used a tropicana jug  that was empty. Then we had a straw coming through the jug so the water came through the jug and put pressure on the caps on the water wheel so it would spin continuously. The big problem was keeping the water from overflowing which when it got close we just dumped it out in the water fountain. The project came out very well and i think we did well and i am happy with that.


Pour la fête de Pourim, je me suis habillé comme Scottie Barnes. Parce que Scottie Barnes est un joueur de basket-ball professionnel que j`aime. Il joue pour les Raptors de Toronto. Il s’est cassé la main en frappant sa main sur le panneau arrière du basket. Scottie Barnes est mon favori joueur de basket-ball. C’est une photo de lui et moi (pas ensemble). Je suis allé à un match des Raptors et je l’ai vu jouer.

Le costume que jài vu ce matin que jaime le plus est celle/celui de Nathan qui son costume est drôle est ça lui va bien. Il a l’air d’un homme d’affaires.

?למה יעקב רוצה לחגור לארץ כנען

אני חושב ההוא יעקב רוצה לחגור לארץ כנען כי לבן לא אומר את האמת, יעקב לא אוהב מתי לבן לא אומר אמת



I think that Jacob wanted to leave and go to the land of Israel or the Land of Canaan because Laban does not speak the truth Jacob does not like when he does not speak the truth.