Hello, my name is Zach, and today I finished my SDL (self-directed learning).

here are some pictures of my booklet:


so I am going to take you through my journey so first I am going to tell you what I needed.

  • clay
  • cardboard
  • black paper
  • orange clay
  • blue clay
  • black clay.

and here are is a picture of my project:



I did an amethyst geode it has crystals on the top and bottom with water and magma in the middle so there

was obsidian in the middle, I tried to make it under water but it did not work.

I loved doing my SDL it was so fun and I did everything that I wanted to do and I would definitely do this again.

Thank you for reading my SDL.


Innovation day 2023

It’s peacemaker here for Innovation day!

The Task:

We have been asked to build a castle with a working drawbridge.

Here is my medieval information:

Here are my science worksheets:

Here is my hypothesis: 

My hypothesis is:

So i wanted to make a medium size castle(as we did) with a pulley/gear we used string for the pulley. we used: skewers more string (and gears obviously).


Here Is my design:


Photos of the building:

Final result: Self assessment: 

stop motion!!!!!!!!!!!

When I started to stop motion I did not think I would do well but in the end, I think I did a lot to help. Here is our stop motion project hope you enjoy


did you like it? Ok good so now what are we going to talk about? let me think hmm oh ya here is my script. here is my set design and that is my blog post on my stop motion project see you in the next one bye.


Hi, people peacemaker here back to talk about science. We started sound!!!! So I am going to talk about it. The properties of sound. what I am going to be talking about
  • sound travel.
  • sound reflecting.
  • sound can be absorbed.
  • sound can be modified.
  • sound is caused by vibration.
and here is a video of how light travel. what are the 4 properties of sound, here’s a video hope you enjoy.  First is what is sound here is a video. Next, how does sound travel you guessed it here is a video. Here is a video of what is vibration. Last but not least what is pitch? Pitch is like the sound of your voice. if you scream it is a very loud pitch. If you whisper it is a low pitch. Fun fact. pitch is measured in hertz (Hz). Finally, volume hope you enjoy it. volume is the pitch of your voice. if you scream it is a loud volume and hurts your ears. but if you say pss that is a low volume. Here is how a ear work above hope you enjoy.              

my light unit

hello people, today I am going to be talking all about light.

natural and artificial, I hope you enjoy it.

Natural and artificial light

what are natural and artificial. it is when stuff makes light that is natural light, such as a firefly and the sun. and artificial light such as a candle and a light bulb. here is a picture

star photography

and now we are going to talk about nonluminous and luminous things. luminous means objects which emit light on their own. Examples: – Sun, a flame of a burning candle. Non-luminous objects which cannot emit light on their own light. These objects reflect light from luminous bodies. Examples: – Moon, Earth.

The sun with a corona mass ejection

now on to reflection, Refraction happens when light changes direction, or bends when it moves from one material to another reflection means that if you look into a mirror you see yourself because the light bounces off of the mirror. After all, it is flat and smooth.

now we are going to talk about how light travels. light mostly travels in a strate line the reason that I said mostly is because it can bend if it goes through water.

iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″ allow=”autoplay”>

what is refraction change in direction of propagation of any wave as a result of its travelling at different speeds at different points along the wavefront.

since is going so well it is very fun so far I hope it can stay the same.